Does your phone seem like it doesn't hold a charge like it used to?  The average battery loses about 10-15% capacity every year from normal use.  After 2-3 years your battery may only be holding a charge between 70-80% compared to when it was new.  Come on by and let us take a look at how your battery is holding up.  Most batteries take 10-20 minutes to replace.

Phone screens are not created equal.  Replacement screens come in different varieties, a premium screen that is manufactured like the original and an aftermarket screen.  The aftermarket screens tend to have less brightness or the colors are not as vivid.  They often don't last as long as premium screens.  We only use premium screens and provide a 90 day warranty with our replacement parts.

Other parts

Mobile Services

We can repair both iPhone and Android devices.  For Apple devices we carry the most common parts needed for most repairs and can have your device back to you usually within an hour or two.  For Android devices please call us for a quote as prices change often so we have to order those parts as needed.  Shipping is usually 2-3 days.

Charge ports

Screen Repairs

Is your cable not plugging all the way in like it used to?  It is most likely lint build up that has been packed into the bottom of the port.  Come by for a free cleaning.  If that doesn't resolve the problem then we can look into a replacement charge port.

Speaker, microphone, camera or buttons not working?  We can replace those also.  We keep in stock most of the parts for iPhones and can order parts for other manufacturers.