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We can replace just about any component in your computer or laptop for less than replacing it.  The most common failure is the hard drive and we keep those on hand so you aren't without your computer for very long.  Screen replacements on laptops is another common repair that we can perform.  

Worried about how to keep your data backed up and secure?  We have a cloud based backup called Winks Tech Backup. It is located in our office in Shiner so no need to worry about where your data is going.  We install software on your device and anytime you make a change or add a new file, it sends a copy to our backup.  If you ever need to retrieve your data you can use the app or just bring your device in and we can help restore a lost file.  The backup service also keeps revisions of files in case you want to revert to a previously saved file.

We can recovery data from just about any device.  If our utilities can't recover the data then we have a lab we work with that we can send the drive to for more extensive recovery options.  The data can then be copied to another computer or put onto a USB device.

How do you choose which Anti-Virus service to use?  We have partnered with TrendMicro which has been fighting viruses for over 30 years.  We offer their Enterprise solutions for consumers and well as businesses because it doesn't have any advertisements.  The best feature is if your computer does get a virus TrendMicro will send us an email and let us know if it resolved it on its own or if it needs more help.  We monitor that service for you.

The most common request for computers is to help speed them up.  Our process will restore the functionality you would expect from your computer.  We can help you connect to your internet, printers or even install software like Quickbooks and MS Office.

Is your computer running slow, not booting properly, or giving cryptic error messages?  We will diagnose the problem for free and give you an estimate before any work is done.

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